Another one

Another artist from Fort Lauderdale making a name for himself is Nd. He joins us in  the studio for some one on one. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Meet my Rtist: Welcome Nd. Last week you brought us a poem about a flower in “A walk to remember”. How did that experience end?

Nd:Thanks for having me. I brought the flower home to my empty vase, but three days later it died. Some things in life are meant to be enjoyed on the spot. (smile)

Meet my Rtist: Wow. Moving forward, is writing your only medium?

Nd: No, I also paint. I have been doing it since grade school.My teacher used to encourage me by giving me a new brush every time I completed a painting. It’s my escape from the world.

Meet my Rtist: What are your plans for the future?

Nd: I would like to find a work space in Fort Lauderdale for my “Black  Beauty” collection. However, I am working on a project with other artists that is scheduled for summer 2017. I will send you more info on that later.

Meet my Rtist: Which comes naturally to you, writing or painting?

Nd: Easier for me to paint than it is to write. I can’t sit long enough to write a proper term paper. I would rather sing because words always come back to hunt you.

Meet my Rtist: Thank you Nd for stopping by. Have a great week.

Nd: Thanks for having me.

Nd (Pronounced Andy) is also another artist from Fort-Lauderdale. He is passionate about the arts, but most importantly his community. He supports non-profit agencies with marketing strategies, and he also advocates for cancer awareness. As mentioned, he is also planning the release of a collection called “Black Beauty”, which is a homage to Black women. The picture shown above was taken after he invited me over for a game of Dominoes. Good times!

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