Homage to fallen local artists

Fort Lauderdale has recently produced very interesting rappers in the past years. Most notably Ace Hood, and Kodak Black. Conversely, the city has lost some talents in recent years. They are gone too soon, but their memories will last a long time.

One of them is a young lady by the name of Washika Whitfiled, a teenage rapper from Dillard High School.

(photo courtesy of Sun-Sentinel)

You may follow her story at:


Another artist by the name of Young Jay passed away from health complications in 2014. Young Jay was from West Palm Beach, he wanted the proceeds to his album to go to his sister’s college fund. You may follow the story below:


Finally, Miami rapper, Bizzle. He was quite a star in his neighborhood of North Miami. He died while on his way to meet with his children. Here’s a link to his video, courtesy of You Tube:


The Artists we highlighted are gone but not forgotten. Whether the songs stop going on rotation at the radio stations, the music still lives on.

R.I.P. to our lost ones.


Another one

Another artist from Fort Lauderdale making a name for himself is Nd. He joins us in ┬áthe studio for some one on one. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Meet my Rtist: Welcome Nd. Last week you brought us a poem about a flower in “A walk to remember”. How did that experience end?

Nd:Thanks for having me. I brought the flower home to my empty vase, but three days later it died. Some things in life are meant to be enjoyed on the spot. (smile)

Meet my Rtist: Wow. Moving forward, is writing your only medium?

Nd: No, I also paint. I have been doing it since grade school.My teacher used to encourage me by giving me a new brush every time I completed a painting. It’s my escape from the world.

Meet my Rtist: What are your plans for the future?

Nd: I would like to find a work space in Fort Lauderdale for my “Black ┬áBeauty” collection. However, I am working on a project with other artists that is scheduled for summer 2017. I will send you more info on that later.

Meet my Rtist: Which comes naturally to you, writing or painting?

Nd: Easier for me to paint than it is to write. I can’t sit long enough to write a proper term paper. I would rather sing because words always come back to hunt you.

Meet my Rtist: Thank you Nd for stopping by. Have a great week.

Nd: Thanks for having me.

Nd (Pronounced Andy) is also another artist from Fort-Lauderdale. He is passionate about the arts, but most importantly his community. He supports non-profit agencies with marketing strategies, and he also advocates for cancer awareness. As mentioned, he is also planning the release of a collection called “Black Beauty”, which is a homage to Black women. The picture shown above was taken after he invited me over for a game of Dominoes. Good times!

A walk to remember.

Taking a walk while not paying attention to random dog bark.

Sitting by the lake, hoping coming here is no mistake.

Seeking for serenity, on a bench what do I see?

Sun flower smiling, nature leaving behind an unexpected offering.

Beautiful flower, untarnished, fresh from forbidden relationship.

His sting left you speechless, now you silently suffer.

Unable to face your mother, now resting sober by my side.

Beauty reminiscent of the crude oil to African soil.

You shine bright like sun to Florida.

Twirl you slowly to let that drip of water bless my lips.

This walk to remember is bliss.

Welogbe design.

At first, the idea of writing was intimidating. In my opinion, it’s a nerve racking process since one of my biggest fear is to commit to paper. I could not do this for a living, I told myself. However, when inspiration knocks it’s best to surrender. Welcome to my blog!

Today, we discover a new artist from: Fort Lauderdale. His name, Welogbe. A fine arts aficionado, the young artist started his craft in his living room apartment with a used brush and a discounted canvas he scored at the flea market earlier the same day. We sat down with him in his studio, here is an excerpt from our conversation:

MeetmyRtistfrom: Who is Welogbe and does the name have a special significance?

Welogbe: My name is Olivier Welogbe. I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale. My stage name is “We” short for Welogbe. It’s African for “the fish that escaped from the net”.

MeetmyRtistfrom: Where does your inspiration come from?

Welogbe: Well, I found my inspiration at the intersection of imagination and my third eye. The stuff just comes to me effortlessly. To date, I have inked about twenty five canvas.

MeetmyRtistfrom: Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Welogbe: I am currently working on a project for March, 2017. I can’t say much , but I will keep you updated.

MeetmyRtistfrom: Thank you for your time. Your artwork is really unique. I wish you much success. How can we see more of your work?

Welogbe: Thanks for interviewing me. I can be found on Instagram @ajna013

I truly hope this piece help shed light on the works of “WE”, an emerging artist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please leave your comments/criticism, every thought counts.

Until next time,

J. V…